Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NCC Delinquency List's

Sept 2012 Delinquency List:


23 Units Currently Delinquent: $127,988

* Note: The Office has advised that #610 is now paid up and off the Delinquency List.

Delinquency List Historically:

03/01/12   $127,988
11/16/11   $121,044
09/22/11   $118,345
08/15/11   $127,656
07/08/11   $106,220
05/06/11   $112,033
03/01/11   $118,867
12/03/10   $112,415
08/12/10   $101,594
05/19/10   $ 84,581
04/23/10   $ 85,428
01/21/10   $ 86,298
12/28/09   $ 95,753
09/28/09   $ 82,501
04/25/09   $ 35,920
08/28/08   $ 18,440

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Something for Everyone!

Renters can see our NCC Newsletters on this site. Owners may be interested in looking at the Sept. Concord Renters newsletter at:

or the 17 page Concord Residents Handbook at:


In case you missed it, here is the official NCC newsletter for the 2nd quarter 2010. A good change is the online payment option. A seperate charge is made to use this payment service, the amount depends on the amount of the charge and how it is paid, an electronic check seems the cheapest at $1.95.

From 3/31/11

A bit more info on what specifically 'can' be placed, parked or stored for more than 4 hours at NCC: 4 wheel passenger automobiles, SUVs, vans and passenger pick-up trucks. What can NOT be placed, parked or stored here for more than 4 hours are: boats, trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles or the mentioned 'commercial vehicles'. There is an allowance for the latter "unless such vehicle is necessary in the actual construction or repair of a structure or for ground maintenance"

This is found at 12.5 (p. 19) in the Declaration of Condominium and supercedes any regulations found in the 8 page R&Rs under 'General Rules 2' (RR at p.1)

The Rules and Regulations are 3 times as long and specify additional vehicles that can be parked here (ie: motorcycles, mini-trucks). Any areas in conflict between RRs and DOC, and there are some,  the Declaration rules as a superior document.

Double click for larger image or print out:

Nautilus News 2010

Click for larger image:

Official 4 Quarter 2009 Newsletter

Here is the October 4th quarter newsletter 2009, it went out with the somewhat delayed statements on Sept 26th. To avoid a late fees the $675 payments should be made by 10/20/09, the late fee has gone up from $25 to $33.75. If you would rather stop the paper Statements/newsletters they can be emailed to you if you advise the office of your email address at:
Double click for larger image or print out -


NCC Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2009

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View condo documents as far back as 2006

 Click on this direct link to see the meeting minutes for the last 3 years:

. BOD Meeting 5/12/11
. AGM/BOD Meetings (unofficial notes) 1/29/11
. Turnover Election 12/20/10
. BOD Meeting 10/4/2010
. AGM/BOD Meetings 12/20/2009.
. BOD Meeting 12/20/2008
. BOD Meeting 12/6/2008 (my notes - meeting adjourned – no quorum)
. BOD Meeting 06/10/2008

. BOD Meeting 04/16/2008 (2 minute Emergency Meeting)
. BOD Meeting 03/01/2008
. BOD Meeting 12/8/2007

. BOD Written Consent in Lieu of 1st Meeting  4/1/06

 Condo Documents - Direct Links

By-Laws of NCC -
NCC Articles of Incorporation -
Rules and Regulations -
New 10/4/10 Condo Management Agreement -

Old Condominium Management Agreement -

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